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In 2006: Turn intranet users into intranet editors

Tuesday, December 27, 2005  

The most important intranet concept for 2006 is to turn your users into editors. This is the wiki concept (definition), and it will become mainstream in 2006.

Why would you let your intranet users become intranet editors?
It removes publishing barriers. On most intranets, average users don’t submit content—the process is confusing or time-consuming. But if users can publish their own content, they stop hoarding and start sharing, increasing the currency and relevance of your intranet.

It reduces cost. A wiki-type intranet is less expensive to implement and maintain than a restrictive, workflow-based content management system. It also reduces the need for dedicated intranet editors.

It removes distortion. Ideas are exchanged in one transfer step, eliminating distortion and filtering.

It increases engagement. Users that can add and edit content feel a sense of ownership over their intranet.
Some intranet managers are alarmed by the prospect of allowing users to edit content. But good intranet software tracks usage and records version history, mitigating any risk. Will you open up intranet publishing in 2006? The potential upside is worth it.

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