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Intranet Ideas

Short, practical tips on building better intranets.

Bob Buckman on Knowledge Management Systems

Wednesday, July 21, 2004  

Bob Buckman, chairman of Buckman Laboratories, wrote his ideas for the ultimate idea-sharing system back in the 80s--before the web existed.

His seven points, as I read in If Only We Knew What We Know, describe the perfect intranet:

1. One transfer step in the transmission of ideas between individuals, to avoid distortion.

2. All employees have access

3. All employees can contribute content

4. Available anywhere, 24/7

5. Search function that indexes every word

6. Users contribute in their native language. Translation provided where appropriate.

7. Content updates automatically.

Ask Eric your software usability questions

Friday, July 09, 2004  

"Eric" has great usability tidbits in question-and-answer format on this page. Brief, informative and opinionated.

The four missing roles for excellent web development

Friday, July 02, 2004  

The content coach
A process and a person to pull/ push you through gathering & editing of images and copy.

The agile methodologist
Leads development in rapid iterations, each focused on returning maximum business value.

The usability analyst
Drives ease-of-use, conducts usability testing and applies heuristic evaluation to optimize mouseclicks. Goal: Your business a mouseclick away.

The graphic artist
Creates a mood for the site that reflects the personality of the company. i.e. Professional, concise, but fun.

About the Author

I'm Chris McGrath, an intranet consultant in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I've been working on intranets since 1997, and on plain ol' web sites for even longer. I run One Intranets, the firm that co-created ThoughtFarmer -- an enterprise collaboration platform for Windows-based intranets.